Wednesday, July 6, 2011


End of semester...and today, the result.
I expected the worst possible. Well, because I did something that wasn't supposed to be done by any student. Yep, it was bad! I might even fail.

But surprisingly, it turn out to be super fine! I A's it. Oh I couldn't believe it! I'm so happy today~

Friday, June 24, 2011


Say, what do you think about this 2 watches?...

J.Bovier & Timex... do you think it's a good match? Lol! But the owners are ^^

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Lappy ^^

Oh my gosh! I love you mom!

Finally, I got my own laptop. Although not much and all good, but that's one hell of a present ( I'm not sure what present is it for...maybe my belated birthday present ^^ ).


That's cool enough for me...not going to do anything unusual with it anyway ^^. THANKS MOM~

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Finally, after a month break. Getting eager to continue to study huh. But man, my result sucks! And it's clearly who at fault. Dang it! Pissed me off...what unprofessional man. Oh well, like he'd listen to me anyway.

After such long break, going to new classes sure breaking my brain. I mean the sensation of starting to use your brain again after so long - the headache - is not good. When it's start to kick in, the back of my head was kinda cracking. After being sealed off for so long, finally it's free. Lucky there was no brain damage, lol. Let's heat up the engine! (^^,)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The library feels like forever since I last been here. Lol. Not that long though. I just don't have friends who'd like to hang out in this library. Most of them prefer to stay in the house. Especially since I brought in a new router. The connection to the internet sure is fast. Which making them hook up to the place.

Being in this library, I was suppose to work on my assignment. Since I don't feel like it - yet - I'll goofing around for a sec. Typing this and that but still, my work are nowhere to begin with. Lol. Sure like wasting time huh.

Maybe I should get started...'coz somebody's pissing off. (^^,)

Monday, January 3, 2011


Man, where's the lecturer?? Where's Mr. Ganen? His office was locked. How are we supposed to hand over our assignment? I thought he said the due date is today...well, whatever. Just need to tell him that he wasn't around today. Hope that'll do the trick.

Waking up early, trying to figure out a way to solve the problem...kinda frustrating. Finally ended up playing games. Hopeless.

And there was a class at 11 a.m.
No test?! Wuhoo!! That's a relieve. Just listen to the lecture...somehow it's kinda boring though. Not interesting enough. But I kindly wait 'till the lecture was over...even with my grumbling tummy - sorry tummy, just wait a bit more.

Here we go! To the cafe! much for the hungry one.
So fast! The food went missing in just huh.. Done eating, we saw something...and suddenly thought of something bad...kinda. We have this
on our table...a candle with red coloured water below the oil. You see the bottom there...somewhat cloudy. That's because Aaina put a few drops of milo in it. We love trying something...weird. The colour somehow turn into something quite lovely. Colourful. Lol.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


And I thought it would be easy...


Darn! Before I knew it, I'm wasting my precious time - again and again...such bad habit I have here! It's past 3 n half already. Yet, my assignment are not even half finished. I was fooling around way too much.

With my arrogantly self, I thought this assignment would be piece a cake. But hey, that wasn't something a late-bloomer-genius like me should take for granted. She wasn't kidding when she told me what she went through to finish this. Lol, funny story.

I wonder if I'll be able to finish this in time. I mean, the renew due date is on upcoming Monday. Before that, I'll be busy with something else. When will I really start this? I really want to study this but too many distraction - excuse huh...and a lame one too.


All I've been doing was complaining. Stressed out huh. Maybe. I should start typing on something else...

but 'this is somehow my diary', so who cares anyway. I'll wrote whatever I want, whenever I want. Lol, and leave my work behind huh. That's kinda ... - how should I put this - pretty bad habit...I guess.

I should get some rest. I'll have a long day today... yup, no doubt 'bout that. (^^,)

(Wait, this is my first post for 2011! This is kinda