Friday, December 31, 2010



They leave me behind huh...not even considering about telling me. Oh well, it doesn't even matter anyway. It's holiday after all. It's normal for them to be going home. Plus, tomorrow is the first day of the year 2011.

Eh?! 2011 already? Let see now...emm..what I have been doing this whole year? Man, I couldn't even remember most of the the things! Pretty much of wasting time huh. Well, that's more like me - I guess.

Yeah...wasting time. I mean, I was supposed to finish my assignment today together with my so-called-twin and Madi. Unfortunately, I end up sleeping the whole morning. And no one even bother to wake me? Gosh! Help a little will ya.

Even so, I'm still laying here...forgetting about those assignment. I'm so lucky that today is a holiday - just because the lame winning in football - otherwise, I have to work my ass out to finish one of these assignment - since the due date is today. And not to mention, there was supposed to be a test too. Fuh! I'm not ready for that - that's for sure. I mean, I'm not even study.

Fine, I better make it up for today...tonight - maybe, or so I hope. But first, lets play badminton. (^^,)


It's almost 1.30 a.m. and my eyes are still wide awake. I've been wondering why. Well, maybe because I'm hungry...or maybe I've been reading too much manga. I can't believe it, dang! I'm wasting my time with those?! That's kinda annoying! Hmm, it can't be helped since today is public holiday..haha!..what a nonsense these people give in.
Oh yeah..I was supposed to get my assignment done by today. Sigh~. I guess that is kinda impossible for me huh. Maybe I need some inspiration?...(nah! Like that will make anything different). So, when shall I start? Now? -nope! I don't think so- Or maybe later? Or whenever I feel like? (Not quite a decision maker huh...). Is it me, that need some more guidance or I'm just too lazy to think about myself?
Alright, alright! I know. I'm just being lazy.

That's it! I just think of an idea. How about making a list on what kind of person shall I become. Wait! Now that I think about it, today is the last day for the year of 2010. I just make this list as my new year resolution. Sounds great to me..haha!

Let see...what kind of person should I be?
Well, maybe I need to be more:
> hardworking?
> independent?
> smarter? (ohh..I really need to be smarter anyhow)
> good looking? (nah! doesn't really matter)
> gentleman? (hmm...I'll change my look...I guess)
> ... (can't think of anything at this time...maybe later...on somewhere else)

Wait! Hmm..If I were to make a this kind of list, I better make it more specific right? Yeah! That's how it supposed to be. Okay, let's try this:
> hardworking in my study, research and works.
> independent-as I don't need that person to help me with all my works.
> smarter than that person. Which means, I really have to do my homeworks on everything.
> good looking? -Err...whatever!
> I should be more polite...and gentle (am I that rough? well, maybe..who knows)
> ...I'll think on something....later

Ehh?! What's the time now? I should get some sleep...after I get some snack, that is. Lol (^^,)